One day a charismatic yogi inspires, the next he seems like someone who talks too much: don’t stop questioning

Reawakening this blog after a hibernation of almost a year, I found it interesting to observe how my thoughts had changed on a couple of posts that I had felt quite passionate about when I first wrote them. My instinct was to rip down the posts, but in the end, I decided to let them lie, as a testament to the way my thoughts have evolved and continue to do so. Changing your mind is a good thing to do, particularly as part of a never-ending process of questioning everything, especially your beliefs .

The first big one that struck me was my account of Stewart Gilchrist’s vegan workshop. Looking back at what I wrote, I smiled at how wide eyed I’d been, thoroughly in thrall to a very charismatic yoga teacher. Having done a few more of his workshops, I’m slightly less wide eyed these days. In fact, I find his shove-it-down-your-throat verbosity a little too intense for my tastes; lots of inspiring-sounding words – too many words, in fact – to accompany what is, in essence, a very macho, gymtastic approach to yoga. It’s a schtick; it sells very well; good luck to the dude. For now, however, I’ve had my share of it, preferring a quieter, more measured approach to practice.

The next one was, coincidentally, also on a vegan theme, when I looked at ahimsa, or non-harming, in the light of something I’d read in Jivamukti Yoga by David Life and Sharon Gannon. I’ve since gone way, way off these guys’ words, indeed, off the whole Jivamukti thing. It’s corporate boutique yoga of a kind that I find particularly grotesque, rich old hippies gouging you for every penny as rarefied spiritual words burble from their lips like a mantra going, “spend, spend, spend”. Again, good luck to them; lots of people buy it, whatever gets them through the dark night etc. But it’s no longer for me.

And so on and so on, I see the examples of my mind changing. No doubt, some day what I’ve just written here will seem like another me. I hope so. Got to keep questioning and changing.

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