Donald Trump? Brexit? Whatever. Try this meditation to put things into perspective

Dance of Shiva

If you’re feeling a bit freaked out by the machinations of mankind this morning – Donald Trump as US president… what?!? – treat yourself to five minutes of quiet time by yourself and try this:

Lie flat on your back on the floor, close your eyes, relax your body, take a few moments to become aware of your breath and be with its rhythm. Imagine looking down at yourself lying there, your consciousness like a camera hovering above you.

Slowly, slowly pull the camera, your consciousness, back and upwards towards the sky, still focused down on you, observing how your body gets smaller and smaller; as for your thoughts, fears, dreams, etc, they don’t even register in the lens. Keep pulling back with that camera and observe how everything in the world around you as you lie there on the floor gets smaller too, increasingly insignificant.

And just keep going, slowly pulling your consciousness up, looking down; aeroplane height, eight miles high, you, and everything else around you, are already reduced to patterns. Keep going, through the stratosphere, and soon you see that iconic image of the Earth. You and the weirdos who run the Earth? From this perspective, they don’t even exist.

Still let your consciousness retreat, and by this stage even up and down become meaningless as space engulfs all; the Earth and its inhabitants are reduced to a speck, and eventually nothing, in the vast, black, star-speckled cosmos. Hang out up here for a bit. You, and everything around you on Earth, are a part of this, but not a very significant part in the bigger picture of this beautiful universe.

Appreciate this, don’t worry about this. Bring your consciousness back to Earth when you’re ready and carry on with your day with a renewed awareness of how insignificant the contortions of the world really are.

Take care; don’t let the madness freak you out. It’s nothing.

[ Picture by Prabhu B Doss, via Flickr; used under Creative Commons licence ]

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